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March 1st, 2016

harry Potter 8 @ 07:53 pm

Yesterday I pre-ordered Harry potter and the cursed child
no change I will ever see the stage performance , so we go for the book that will be released July 31.

January 8th, 2016

darth snape @ 05:07 pm

went to see Starwars VII and it surpassed my not so high expectations,
through the plot is a good copy of Starwars I, well actually the same kind of plot done a bit better.
same kind of desert planet, the interrupted message by a droid, same kind of cuty kirring sound of that droid and the same kind of villain in a black suit and a mask helmet
till he puts down the helmet and my first reaction was..... that's Snape, actually Snape at the age he should have been in the HP movies, Alan Rickman was a tremendous Severus Snape, but when Philosopher Stone was released as movie Rickman was 55 and not 31 as turned out in the books
Adam Driver with the same Rickman/Snape nose and the long black hair is 31 when the shooting is done.

I really got the feeling of: Snape did not die, but he went definately over to the Dark Side..... always more sexy the the other side.


June 22nd, 2015

Rowling and Merlin @ 12:41 pm

I visit Pottermore as much as my Live Journal... that's to say hardly... but yesterday I checked Pottermore for an update and discovered not much is happening except HP fans are fed with a list of "historicaL" Wizards till Harry Potter himself.
And there started my irritation at once.
When given in the canon the age of Hogwarts I remember some remark that Hogwarts was a thousand years old... could be in the first book already and obvious something Hermione would share with the world.*
OK so far that places the foundation of Hogwarts in about the time Edward the Confessor ruled England or at least close to the Norman Conquest... both moments are well suited, Edward favoured the feodalic system that he had encountered in the time he stayed in Normandy and that alone would be a good time to the increase of intolerance against wizardly that inspired the four wizards to found Hogwarts.

However years later when Pottermore was released there is a remark that Merlin was a Slytherin..... well is ths canon or just to be ignored.... certainly after the splendid Merlin serie of the BBC with Bradley James and Colin Morgan this doesn't sit well.
Merlin's existance is to be coined at the 6th century, traditional date for the batle at Camlann is 537.
So when the Rowling's Merlin got his education at Hogwarts, Hogwarts must have been found deep in the period the Romans ruled Britain.

I don't think any sensible wizard would be in Scotland at the time it was still called Caledonia, it was a warzone in which the emperor Septimius Severus faced a desperate guerilla war against the Caledonians and his lovely son Caracalla executed a punitive expedition in 210, which killed everyone in sight. When the founding fathers existed at that time, they likely would have played an active role on either side of the warring parties, conception of witchcraft was totally different at that time then at the close of Anglosaxon Britain.
Caledonia at time time seems to me the last place to establish a safe haven for Wizardly Education, the countryside of what would become Wales was probably better suited, but then the recluse would unlikely have an early English name as Hogwarts but bear a Celtic name like Dafadennaumochyn, which is just Welsh for Hog & Warts run through Google translator, I don't even try to image what it was called at the time Pictish was the common language in Scotland.

Also Hogwarts was founded as a castle and not a castellum of a hillfort.... the concept of castles did not appear in Brittania till William the Bastard decorated the landscape with them. This would support the idea Hogwarts was founded after the Norman Conquest in a country that was relatively stable in compassison to the great upheaval William of Normandy brought to the south.

It is of course not very important and just a pet pieve of me, but I think the editors of Pottermore should keep the canon more in line with tradition and not randomly insert unlikely facts into it.
"Merlin was a Slytherin" should be replaced with replaced with "Slytherin pretended to be a reborn Merlin"

no title

* the canon founding date is mentioned in Chamber of Secrets by prof Binns ( page 114 bloomsbury pocket edition )
...'You all know, of course, that Hogwarts was founded over a thousand years ago - the precise date is uncertain - by the .....'

March 28th, 2014

spring clean @ 06:28 pm

I cleaned my "office"
well that is the little bedroom in my 3 room appartment where my computers are placed and I spend a lot of free time.
It started when the new Dell arrived and I was in search of a few things so I needed to crawl under tables to fix cables and such. and als you may know I am short and overweighted, crawling under tables in narrow spaces isn't my favorite hobby.
especially when that space got a bit dirty.... didn't see a broom in three years or so....
and in some forgotten corners mice had lived, loved and died there.
Books had been piling up on tables and other places, so after the first cleaning I bought meself some bookshelves, and being to cheap to have it deliverd at home and had to bring those planks home on my own, anxious balancing them on my bike and walking home with those. That created some space and order
And I must admit: books that are standing straightup are a much more pleasant sight then a pile of dust collectors in a corner
At least 7 bags of thrash came out of this litte room and for the first time in my life a threw books in the dustbin: Windows 98 instruction - complete obsolete by now.
Window 8 still is hassle, several old faithfull programs just don't work under it or need installation codes I long lost, so therefor I still need the old Dell With olf-faithfull Windows XP. Never realised the old Dell made such much noise, the new one is complete silent. Only surpricing how quick dust settles in again in a small room with two computers.
Another item I try to tackle is the swith from Analog TV to Digital TV. I upgraded the packet ( merely because that also gave more Internet power) but for some reason the only truly interesting canal ( BravaNL) doesn't have enough signalpower to come through. It is 3 out of 50 canals that are slacking, so I went to the UPC store for an amplifier, which they advised against, but got me a new splitter for free with the new cable I bought.... the new set improved receiving, but BravaNL is still off. The old cable system was a do-it-yourself- product of a lenght of coax with self fixed plugs.... no wonder I got problems with receiving signal, more a wonder I got signal at all all those years.
So still inconsidered about buying an amplifier at € 50,- for just three canals.

March 14th, 2014

new computer @ 12:51 am

after 8 years I bought mysel a new computer,
and it comes with Windows 8
wel now that's a hazzle.
I cannot get my E-mail account installed
and have to use the old one to plugg in the cable and check my mails

but BOYYYY is that new one fast!!!!.

December 31st, 2013

last day of 2013 @ 07:44 pm

with the fireworks going on in the street I realize it's more then a year I made a post here,
wel the year is almost over and the year hasn't been the best of years.
in April I slapped a cliënt who tried to knee me in the groin, reported the incident and next the chiefs went haywire.
3 day's befor my 60st birthday they presented me with the announcement that they were going to fire me without a dime to compensate 16 years of service.
they had to ask permission through court for it and they blew it completely with an inaddequate dossier to prove their accusations and with weak arguments. Although the judge swept their rquest from the table it left me with a big debt to my parents who payed my lawyer.
After two months forced to sit at home..... which I used to go cycling though about the whole Holland( or else you go nuts) I had to face the two ladies in charge who now were forced to keep me in employment. They gave me another workfloor, a couching program and a kind of inprovement period. the themes in it had little to do with the actual incident, but more with a supposed attitude.
Luckely the other workfloor has an openminded team of collegues, is interesting enough and much closer to home the the previous one.
the couching's lady is very skilled, I learned a lot from her, and it gives me the guilty pleasure she is rather expensive too.
The only reason I desire to go back to the old place is the fact that my old collegues stood behind me and showed that solidarity with a lettre of support to the judge. It's a very rare occasion a team takes such action that goes straight against the chef.
In two months I've to play the last match with the two ladies who wanted to kick me into unemployment.... I'm comfident enough to think I will win.
be safe in the last hours of 2013 and have a nice 2014.
( when not there is always 2015)

December 22nd, 2012

back with a vengence @ 10:09 pm

after a few weaker episodes this one - part 1 of the last - repacked itself with a perfect story.
Merlin is almost rendered powerless by Morgana's tricks, Mordred is not turned into a total villain, he is in Morgana's camp, but her cruelties clearly horrify him.
There was a very touching moment when Arthur is disappointed that Merlin will not be at his side at the upcomming battle and Gwen does what Gwen does best; expressing fate in Arthur.
The Cristall Cave made a reappearence and so does Merlin's father Balinor, When the Cristall Cave came up I sort of expected to see Taliesin back. I thought Karl Johnson got far to less airtime in that role, but Balinor by John Lynch worked much much better.The whole episode watches like a play of chess, all the pieces are put in position for a great climax.

by the way, now the serie is comming to it's end, some one should offer Bradley James the role of king Henry in Henry V, This speech sounder as a rehersal for the St Crispin's Day speech. only a bit shorter and more to the point.

December 1st, 2012

twice disguise @ 10:22 pm

the Merlin episode of this week was at last one to enjoy again.
the story wasn't shaky as usual, but solid, there was enough Merlin/Arthur quality time and a decent part for Mordred too
but best was Colin Morgan had to play three different characters this time: Merlin, the old nasty wizard and a rather seductrix old woman, ugly as hell of course, not quite the old wizardmake-up minus the beard, but close enough to be his ugly sister.
and it was the opportunity to say things to Arthur Merlin can't say in his own flesh, but not like the old wizard who bombarded his entourage with nastiness and profanities, this time the old witch made Arthur listen.
Great game for Colin, glad I had not given up on the show.

November 24th, 2012

and another one bites the dust @ 10:11 pm

the moment you see the gueststar of the week witnessing Merlin doing magic you know he will die.
and so did Alfie Stewart, who played a supposed druid boy coming for help, being the bait for Merlin and redeemed himself by helping Merlin to prevent an assasin's attemp on Arthur.
and getting himself killed in the process.
pity, because Alfie Stewart is a very cute looking boy.

Bit of a middle of the road episode, with however some information about Morgana's captivity and how her dragon became what she has become. The white dragon and Morgana are seriously tied to each other.
looks btw they gonna use the tale of the dragons of Dinas Emrys
the legend in which king Vortigern fails to build a fortess till it's reveiled by the boy Myrddin Emrys (Merlin Ambrosius) that two dragons are hidden beneath it and fighting each other: the White Dragon is of the Saxons, the Red Dragon is of the Britons.
Morgana has a white ragon and has been shown having dealing with Saxons.
Curious where this will lead too.

November 17th, 2012

smirk does not work @ 10:01 pm

Merlin season 5 episode 6
could it sink any lower?

I guess not, or it must be a more complete thieving on previous episode.
Gwen imitating the Morgana smirk just looked like cheap acting,
then there was a copy of the Morgause/Morgana contact on the market this time Morgana as an old woman, the traitor under the nose looked so much like the Uther/Morgana scenes in the past, the smoke in the window sill, when did I see that before and I forgot where the eliminatiion in the dungeon was from, the false evidence and in the end the villan being honered for solving the crime and looking at Merlin was straight from another Morgana scene. We saw another apearence of old Dragoon the Great, but the nasty talk was as funny as an old joke gone slate.

Well it played out the cliffhanger from last episode, but so cheap I felt cheated.
I didn't even wonder where this would lead in the next episodes, I just wanted it to be over.